VIVL Nutrients® was born out of

an unwavering drive to do better.

To help people be better.



Every movement starts with a problem, and for us,

that problem was nutritional integrity.

While struggling to find the perfect protein powder to recommend gym-goers/those looking to improve their health & fitness/health enthusiasts, the doctor at STARK was inspired to ask the question

Why should we have to choose between clean ingredients and optimal nutrition?”.


And the answer was clear: we shouldn’t.

The rest of the protein industry said you can’t have it all, but with our perfect combination of expertise and enthusiasm, we knew we didn't have to compromise.


So we set out to make something simple in the best way: a protein powder with high quality nutrition, formulated exclusively with minimal, high-quality ingredients.

Knowing that we needed to create a product as dynamic as the people it was for, we set steadfast purity standards for ourselves--far beyond those required by any other organization.


And after striking success and doing what no one previously thought possible, we knew couldn’t just stop at protein.